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Monday, August 04, 2008

Berkeley event tonight! (And other good ways to spend a Monday)

For those of you in the area, I wanted to make sure you know about tonight’s event in downtown Berkeley.
Aug. 4 Berkeley 7 p.m.
Part of the Christ Church Berkeley Summer Salon Series
Gaia Arts Center, 2120 Allston Way
BART stop: Downtown Berkeley
And if you live in SF or New York, fear not! More events are coming your way this fall. Check the book website for more details as the dates get closer.

As to other ways to spend your Monday ... I recently heard of a very cool group of folks who are fasting and praying each Monday “for God to bring husbands to women who want to be married (and wives to men), for God to work in us to change what needs to be changed, and for God to work in men, doing all he needs to do to enable them to be men who can love, serve and commit to a woman.”

In all my days of reading folks like Josh Harris and Elisabeth Elliot, I honestly can’t say I’ve heard of something this practical, obedient and exciting. (Readers of the book will know the role that fasting has played for me in the past when it comes to major decisions.) Not that by taking this extra step we can somehow manipulate God into giving us what we want, of course, but this really seems like a can’t-lose act of obedience and trust.

Email me for details if you’d like to join the group’s weekly email list.

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