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Monday, September 13, 2004

‘Sweat test’ postscript

Boy, once I’m in the mood, I’m really in the mood ... to blog, that is. ;)

After posting today’s late entry, I finally got around to personally responding to a few more readers and commenters. My email to Chuck seemed pertinent for inclusion here:
Thanks for the comment love! You certainly had some interesting things to say. Wish you and David (the other commenter) had succeeded in generating more of a dialogue with readers; guess most people are still too shy to do that.

Hope the blog continues to entertain and stimulate ... your thinking, of course. ;)


PS: By the way, what do you think about the rather legalistic way so many religious people (and I don’t just mean Mormons) interpret the concept of saving sex till marriage? All things considered, I’m not sure how faithful it is to the real spirit of the practice. Likewise, I don’t think maintaining the Catholic prohibition on marriage for priests is either in the best interests of the church, or consistent with the original motivation for doing so. As far as I know, it was intended primarily to keep priests from passing church land and other holdings onto heirs such a marriage might produce. Certainly that doesn’t seem to be a real issue today ...
And so you see why I used to tell people who asked about my strange choice of graduate program that I planned to become “a therapist for sexually priests.”


The Unhealed Wound: The Church, the Priesthood, and the Question of Sexuality
The Unhealed Wound
A Love That Dares to Question: A Bishop Challenges His Church
A Love That Dares to Question

... And for the neighbors who might’ve recently heard rather orgiastic shouting from my bedroom that was not Anna testing out some recently acquired, um, object ... but successfully implementing a table in my blog.