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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

October contest winners

In case you haven’t closely inspected the side column in a while, tunes in my soundscape are not only updated on an ongoing basis, but we have a new contest!

First the winners of last month’s. As anticipated by anyone tracking last-minute vote switching and other schenanigans, Poster Boy not only shouldered his way into the prize-winners, but managed to take first. However, in what I hope Frasier perceives as a conciliatory gesture, I have decided in response to his legal lobby efforts to split the entries into domestic and international categories. As Frasier thus entered unchallenged, he is the first-prize winner in the international category. For those of you keeping tabs on our Blog Reader World Series, the October contest — or poetry category — has produced a 1-1 draw. Poster Boy and Frasier stay locked in a dead heat, albeit now 2-2.

This month’s contest represents a return to the format used in September, but the blog archives are not without hints, I believe. Or depending on your research skillz ... Also, as this plays nicely to the sheer-guesswork crowd, I’m expecting more entrants this time. We can do better than 4!

Well, nuff said on that score. In other news, I hear Geriatric Gent is finally back in town, and there may be a dinner with Hippie the Groper this week. Actually I take that back. Geriatric Gent is not only back in town, he just called! Supposed to call me next week about doing something. What a riot. Also, as mentioned, yesterday I received a cheery, photo-laden email from the Politician:
Hey Anna!

How are you? Hope all is well...

How is the job search?

Hope your friends haven’t treated you badly over Bush...

Boy I hoep he wins...

My race looks good. Early voting results posted soon after the polls close should tell the tale...

Haven’t spoken to Middle-aged Hanger-on lately but Married Hanger-on is fine.

Hopefully we can soon start planning our inaugural reunion!

best wishes,


p.s. I have more pictures for you but you have to answer this email! :)
Skeevy or what?!! Oy vey.

In response I sent what was hopefully a sufficiently ardor-quelling email, laced with strategic inquiries of his family and wife. I also mentioned my own political woes. You see, if it weren’t bad enough that I’ve been set up with a Kerry supporter (sniff, sniff), I can’t even vote today! Good thing I hadn’t planned on any votergasm parties, or I’d really be bummin’.

Must go drown my sorrows in ... what else? ... a morning latte (booze comes later).