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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Unshocked not odd?

From the Guardian:
Swearing is, it would seem, at a peculiar crossroads. Fuck is thoroughly denatured. Crap, bastard, bugger, sod, shit, bullshit and tosser (although strangely not wanker) are used on daytime television and radio. Religious expletives, such as damn, hell and blimey, once as powerful as fuck, are not even thought of as vaguely impolite.
Makes me think I didn’t need to swear off, well, swearing after all. Which is good. After all, a friend’s long-ago post about the un-hotness of a salty tongue unsettled me a little in my hopes of someday finding a Jesus Freak husband.
Friend: ... I listen to how she talks, whether she swears ... [implication: swearing in a woman = bad]
Anna: Aw, shit!
Now if I could just persuade such uptight Christian men that “fuck” doesn’t count as swearing any more, I might be set ...