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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thrift and charity on the web

For those of you recovering from a less than chick-flick worthy V-day (mine included babysitting, a cable-car ride and lunch with an over-50 crowd, though I don’t lament a minute), here’s some justifiable shopping therapy/boredom busters.

Google checkout/Paypal rebates
This was a great way for me to buy some yarn I probably would have passed on otherwise. Basically Paypal’s offering a $15 rebate on purchases of $30 or more, while Google’s offering $10 off your first purchase through Google Checkout, with no minimum. So, for example, I spent $32 on 400g of yarn from an Ebay vender in Chicago, but after the PayPal rebate I’ll only spend about $17 out-of-pocket. With the Google checkout rebate I did even better: went to a store called Tropical Yarns and bought a 414-yd. skein of sock yarn (which I’ve been wanting to try) for $10 + $2 shipping. After the rebate, which was applied immediately, it only cost me the shipping! Obviously you could also use these rebates on something non-crafty. ;)

Click to help St. Jude’s
Wedding Date, who has reappeared after a shocking spate of silence, asked me to help promote a click-through program he’s set up to help St. Jude’s. Read more here.

Back with an answer to the latest reader question! Look for it sometime in the next week. Until then, feel free to have your say below and don’t miss some of the very thoughtful, frank remarks already left by readers. Thanks so those of you who’ve shared so openly!

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