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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m swamped ...

But since I’m madly dashing to meet my deadline (11 days and counting!), no time to blog this week, except to share my soundtrack for the fortnight or so. Yeah for MySpace!

soulful stuff
  • Starting us off with some white-boy soul: Jamie Lidell. Check out “Multiply.”
  • Then see also Ray LaMontagne — American, but that growl says he’s seen his share of pain (a possible prerequisite for getting soul right). Check out “Three More Days.”
  • And now that I know they’re not some crummy rap band from L.A. ... Hooray for British hip-hop! That is to say (per reader correction) Americans making hip-hop across the Atlantic: Gnarls Barkley. Throw up your hands for “Crazy.” (OK, so I’m getting populist.)
when you’re mellow yellow
  • Nifty Oregon folk-rock with a blues tinge: M. Ward (courtesy, Paste sampler, September ’06). Check out “Chinese Translation.”
  • And to show I like more than one band outta S.F., Vienna Teng. Paste pick I liked was “Whatever You Want,” but it’s not online right now
  • Getting the “Funny name, great songs” award: Old Crow Medicine Show. Paste pick I liked was “My Good Gal,” but it’s not online right now ... Can you tell whose samplers I took on my recent NoCaro trip?!!
romp-stompin’ good fun
  • New York fans, keep an ear out — this band’s local! Ollabelle. Pastepick I liked was “Fall Back” but it’s not online presently, so check out some of their other stuff.
  • Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint — their “Tears Tears and More Tears” makes most excellent driving music (courtesy, Paste, as always).
Back in a bit, dahlings. Thanks for your patience!!!!!

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