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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Keen for greens, lean on cash?

Last month I had a chance to lunch with a reader, who mentioned in passing that she’s been growing her own garden this summer. Said tale of backyard veggies was so inspiring that a week or so later, I spent my Saturday digging through the California clay behind my house, coached in said “tilling” by a friend of my housemate’s, Garden Buddy.

Nearly one month later, I’ve got green beans, carrots, lettuce and chard reaching sunward every day, with shoots from recently sprouted pumpkin and zucchini seeds madly racing to catch up. Despite the lost sleep from rising 10 minutes earlier each day to water, I’m finding it’s more than worth the delight of checking my “babies” each day when I get home from work.

So what if you’re not as land-spoiled (or intrepid about worms and weeding) as I, but still want to ingest more-healthful produce, preferably without wiping out your beer fund? The answer (thanks to a girlfriend’s morning email tip): this guide on which produce is most worth buying organic.

Disclaimer: I know the above isn’t all that love-life germane (unless perchance you need a game-plan on how to woo a vegan with your cooking), but these days either my life as both sexless and dateless leaves this blog rather postless ... or the contents range more broadly.

Personally, I’m happier being more content with this season. Life was far more stressful when it revolved around the ever-absent Relationship. If you, however, prefer that posts herein serve all-romance, all the time, feel free to say so in the comments. I can promise, though, a male guest blogger perspective on the timidity of certain Jesus freaks, coming soon.

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