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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

‘Hold that position while I take this...’

As mentioned on this morning’s classic rock program, apparently the Ad Co. I’m temping for has done a hot study ... about some not-so-hot cell-phone user practices. Namely, taking calls mid-sex. Ahem.
Fourteen percent of the world’s cell phone users report that they have stopped in the middle of a sex act to answer a ringing wireless device.

The highest percentage was found in Germany and Spain, where 22% of users interrupted sex to answer their cell phones; the lowest was in Italy, where only 7% reported doing so. In the U.S., 15% say they practice cell phone interruptus.
Click-through on the headline to go all the way through their many fascinating findings on this pressing issue; registration required if you’re not an already identified reader of Ad Age. Blogfather, a work-around for this? ;)

And for those too lazy to get more than my digest version of the story ... surely this peculiar practice should provoke all sorts of reader commentary, yes? Have any of you actually done this or had it happen? Who doesn’t turn their phone off or at least put it on vibrate?