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Sometimes reading romance novels doesn’t quite prepare you for a love life...

For this 30-year-old urbanite, love is always a misadventure: The Harvard Lickwit, Hippie the Groper, the 5% Man, and the Ad Weasel. These and many other men wander in and out of her life — but never her bed.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tech note and other news

Dahlings ... Not that this applies to many of you, but for those of you inclined to send the occasional email, please note that Anna’s domain has changed from “” to “”; same username still applies. And if that’s just too confusing, see the address information revised on my profile and wherever it may appear on this site (for the most part; certain old entries I’m not sure about). Yeah for high-speed internet! And so on. See also a new March contest, coming soon to the side-column at right.

Since February was no contest at all (just one ever-faithful entrant), I’m printing Frasier’s entry as today’s item. What can I say? I’ve been sicker than a dog lately. A girl just don’t meet guys that way. And the way my brain’s been lately ... not sure I dare dive into the “archives” for more his-tory, Michael Jackson-style or otherwise.
Accountant — Good figures attract his interest but get your story straight: He hates anything that doesn’t add up

Boss — Be wary if he calls you into his office to take something down for him

Caddy — Someone with balls who can advise on “fore!” play

Deputy manager — Rarely satisfied with present position; wants a head job

Engine driver – Knows how to press all the right buttons and pull all the right levers to get things steamy

Fisherman — A master baiter who would love to get his hooks into you

Hard hat — Unlikely to be the only thing that’s hard

Journalist — At first, will want you exclusively but will quickly lose interest when you become yesterday’s news

Lawyer — Briefs can be sexy and always game for anything legal.

Policeman/woman – Masochistic? Will belt you, cuff you, jail you – and wear a uniform while doing it!

PR person — Will soon have you in a spin but prone to believe own publicity

Roy Orbison Impersonator – will ensure you enjoy the Big O

Shoe shine boy — You may be revealing more than you think to him. (See Anna’s red shoe blog.)

Unemployed — Always ready to try a new position

Wrecker — Good at pulling things down. Be careful it’s not your panties
Is that a blush I feel coming on?!! Not quite the “What relationship is your job like?” entries I anticipated ... but funny stuff nonetheless. Wish me health and good luck with an editing test for a long-term contracting job that may pay quite well! Finishing it off today, to mail back to California (they would let me telecommute). Then back with more first-person blogging as you expect — maybe even a Spooning Fork!