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Friday, March 11, 2005

Techie love, take 2

Yes, it’s true ... I tried to avoid it, but I guess some things are simply meant to be. I’m goin’ back. Back to the big ole ad agency where all Coke habits are forbidden, and back to the employer of that swoon-inducing Mac tech I tolja ’bout (though, truthfully, it’s not so much him, per se, but his job that makes him so hot. Is that a bad thing?). And not just to the employer, folks, not just to the very same floor he works on ... but to the very department in which he works!!!!

Anna gets cold-called
It started out last Thursday, when I was still ailing away at home, half comatose from all the pressure in my sinuses and what was undoubtedly the early stages of an addiction to the stuff that’s in Sudafed. (They do use it to make some drug like crack, right? So clearly it must be habit-forming.) The phone rings, which is surprising since almost no one tries to reach me, much less at home.

I pick up, and it’s the temp agency that placed me at the office where I met the Bearded One and the Mac tech, and filled my pockets with chocolate. Am I interested in a long-term temp assignment? This would be at the same company where I had those exciting meetings and tres-edible fringe benefits. It would be working in the I.T. department.

Through the fog that has inhabited my brain, it occurs to me to be grateful the woman I’m speaking with cannot see the smirk on my face. Then I think to ask for time to consider. Not only did I for some reason feel a little shy about suddenly being the admin assistant for the department in which the newly tattooed hot techie works (he did give me both his number and his email address, after all!), but I had another possible job on tap. Which is to say I had applied for it.

That job would be a long-term contract position, paying far more than the temp job (unless the tech can hook me up with free RAM; but I’d feel a little sheepish about even hinting for that). And it would enable me to work from home, make much greater use of my skills and work history, and even add nicely to my resume. So, possible Mac-tech love or no, the job for which I had applied seemed like a better bet — assuming there was any chance they were interested.

Stalling pays off
After considerable phone tag, I finally tracked down an HR person at that company, who helped connect me with the hiring manager. They were interested! Next step was to have me take their editing test. So the next morning I called up the temp agency, and told them that I would pass up the job.

But then this mid-morning yesterday, I check my cell phone and see I have new voice mail. Turns out it’s the temp agency, trying to get in touch with me. When I call them up, I learn the ad agency has another opening, this one for three-or-so weeks. And waddya know? It’s in the I.T. department. Guess when I said no, they couldn’t find anyone else, or that person must’ve fallen through. Now they’re trying to find a permanent hire for that position, but seeking a temp until the hiring process is complete.

It sounds like I’ll be there about three weeks; more adventures sure to transpire.