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Sometimes reading romance novels doesn’t quite prepare you for a love life...

For this 30-year-old urbanite, love is always a misadventure: The Harvard Lickwit, Hippie the Groper, the 5% Man, and the Ad Weasel. These and many other men wander in and out of her life — but never her bed.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Reader Forum

The Sexless Q&A archives. Updated 5/2006.

The good, the cads, the chastened | 5.9.2006
Do good men really exist? Anna tries to talk a female reader down from cynicism by describing her own change in outlook.

If he, should you, could you? | 4.1.2006
A reader wonders whether a man who’d probably dislike her standards is worth compromising for ... if he ever gets it together enough to ask her out.

When geometry bedevils | 2.10.2006
What do you do when you like the same guy as your friend does, but he seems to like you more? Anna advises a female reader on friendship, love and patience.

In search of the cool | 1.30.2006
Where do all the groovier chicks hang out? A reader asks where else, besides bars, to meet girls.

On Sumptuous repasts, and fasts | 11.25.2005
A reader wonders what to do when her boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex.

Restraining the pain a gain? | 10.5.2005
Safer Alone debates the wisdom of stifling his loneliness when picking up chicks goes awry.

nightBlogging: the dating advice episode | 9.1.2005
Still Waiting asks for help deciphering a younger, long-distance love interest’s response to him.

When seeing is deceiving | 8.29.2005
A married reader seeks counsel on his wayward heart.

How far will mar | 8.26.2005
The Broadway view on walking or not walking the “purity” line.

One to daydream, two to disclose | 8.24.2005
Suppose you happen to be in relationship ... Almost Bored asks how much is too much, when, as information exchange goes.

Sexual balance, pt. 3: Romantic caution | 8.9.2005
The reason fireworks sometimes require a license; readers suspect Anna verges on an arranged-marriage view of relationships.

Sexual balance, pt. 2: Sensual healing | 8.5.2005
Patience may teach you to savor the prickle of grass beneath bare feet ... and other lessons from abstinence (a continued response to Sincerely Curious).

Sexual balance | 8.3.2005
Doesn’t leaving out sexuality result in relational dysfunction? Anna defends the virtue of patience.

Loving the distance? | 8.1.2005
The perils and perks of love that pays in frequent-flyer miles.

More sexonomics | 7.29.2005
Anna defends her claim that abstinence is a harder sell to freaked-by-Jesus suitors.

Batty on a hot twin bed | 7.27.2005
Anna finds better fantasies than sex and ponders why the slightly freaked-by-Jesus might choose to abstain from sex.

That mysterious man who poo-poohed you | 7.15.2005
Still Waiting demands to know more of Anna’s mysterious “love-life counsel.”

Reader marathon, pt. 2 | 7.1.2005
Only moderately militant, or deeply perverted? Readers grill Anna on the Rolling Stone article.

A reader-letter marathon | 6.27.2005
Masturbation, the virgin army ... and why there aren’t more New York women like herself: a flurry of reader queries.

Bothered? Kinda hot | 6.23.2005
A reader chides Anna for basing her identity on abs(tin)ence.

Love that’s out of reach, pt. 2 | 4.14.2005
Anna dishes from experience: the pain of getting over Married Man without bitterness.

Love that’s out of reach | 4.13.2005
Paid to Pine laments his crush on an unavailable office mate, and wonders why he can’t accept this awkward, frustrating friendship.

The sweat test: why it ain’t all the pits | 9.13.2004
The Politician emails, and readers offer poetry, repeat offers. Anna assesses how their e-dating strategies stack up against the Sexless September BOTtoM.

The age dilemma | 8.26.2004
Anna offers tips on tackling a Sexless addiction.

Where the love is | 8.21.2004
Anna consoles San Francisco readers a visit might be in the offing, and encourages a reader to start promoting Sexless on bathroom walls in upscale hotels.

Why all ‘threesomes’ are not equal | 8.13.2004
Do men from the side column know they’re being blogged? We-ell, most of the time, no.

Back to the male bag | 8.12.2004
Anna skirts a reader question as to why she can’t get laid and clears up the front-view, back-view confusion over her pic (that “yummy arse” is really full frontal).

Celibates wear orange | 7.28.2004
Mentioning the Muslim lady who watched her strip provokes weird reader mail. Anna worries she may start attracting randy would-be terrorists.

Gettin’ quippy wit it | 7.23.2004
Looney Tune’s would-be dates write back. And he replies. Anna reports on the email train wreck.

The spam approach to pick-up emails | 7.22.2004
A reader emails Anna ... along with eight other women from Craigslist.

Stop or he’ll go blind! | 7.21.2004
Too much o’ the pink threatens a reader’s eyesight.

Anna responds to readers | 7.20.2004
A middle-aged Buddhist artist is horrified to find a woman half his age so solipsistic. Another reader asks for e-dating email advice and how to buy cologne.

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